Golden rules of Integrity

Posted by thecxadmin on 28/02/2017
Please click the image below to access some golden rules of Integrity. CXi Integrity Breakfast
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The Ireland Customer Experience Report 2016 has been launched!

Posted by thecxadmin on 26/09/2016
The Ireland Customer Experience Report 2016 has been launched. Click here full Press Release. Below is a snapshot of the key findings of 2nd annual Irish Customer Experience Report: Credit Unions top poll again folloed by Lush and An Post Luas a top performer last year, drops out of Top 100 following strike Improved Ryanair Customer Experience moves ...
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Ireland’s first Customer Experience (CX) Masterclass will help SMEs differentiate their business

Posted by thecxadmin on 16/08/2016
It’s become harder  to differentiate your business from others. Customers are tired of hearing businesses mouth off about how wonderful they are. Consumers have reached a tolerance level where they now demand that businesses stop over promising and start over delivering. CXi founding partner Dialogue is running a CX masterclass that will show you how to grow large sales ...
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Transforming Retail Customer Experience in retail – spotlight on pharmacies

Posted by thecxadmin on 19/05/2016
Effective Customer Experience in retail comes from the top. The company Managing Director or CEO needs to passionately drive this agenda and have the power to act on it! Leadership drives an organisation.   All decisions must be made with an awareness that the customer is in control of purchasing decisions. Customers will not be ...
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Harnessing the Power of the Many – USA Customer Experience Excellence Report 2016 by KPMG Nunwood

Posted by thecxadmin on 10/05/2016
Here is the latest KPMG Nunwood Customer Experience Excellence USA Report 2016, ‘Harnessing the Power of the Many’. It draws on over 7,500 American consumer interviews and evaluations of 243 brands. We are happy to share their findings with you.
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President Michael D. Higgins discusses the CXi Customer Experience Survey 2015

Posted by thecxadmin on 25/04/2016
On Saturday 23 April the President of Ireland addressed the Irish League of Credit Unions AGM. He spoke about the continuing relevance of credit unions in Ireland and how the CXi report was an “impressive endorsement”. Irish people spoke loud and clearly when they selected credit unions as giving the best overall customer experience in ...
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Financial Sector Customer Experience – the state of the Nation

Posted by thecxadmin on 08/03/2016
The customer has suffered badly in the bank’s scramble to drastically cut expenses during the recession. They despair at terms of contract that they can’t understand and bristle at slow handling of complaints. This, along with legislation changes and accusations to the industry, has shaken customer confidence. Banks are themselves in the process of getting ...
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Customer Experience in Ireland, what are the opportunities and challenges facing us and how to address these?

Posted by thecxadmin on 04/03/2016
The CXi festival of stories was designed to get a sense of where we are with Customer Experience (CX) in Ireland, investigate the opportunities and challenges we face and consider how we can tackle these. We used ‘Stories’ because CX strategies are best understood, appreciated and easier to recall when presented in story format. We referenced ...
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Digital customer experiences: Can machines make an emotional connection?

Posted by thecxadmin on
  Customer experience includes those experienced through a digital interface. Researching a product online, using a mobile app to find a store’s nearest location, searching for tech support information on a smartphone—are all digital customer experiences. Irish people the world over excel in making emotional connections. However, bringing consistent humanisation to digital interactions appears to be ...
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Brand Experience

Posted by thecxadmin on 16/12/2015
Brand experience is sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioural responses evoked by brand-related stimuli. Such stimuli appear as part of a brand’s design and identity, packaging, communications, and environments. A brand is not what a company says it is but what its customers feel about it. Drawing on executive interviews and over 37,000 customer evaluations of ...
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