Customer Experience in Ireland, what are the opportunities and challenges facing us and how to address these?

Posted by thecxadmin on 04/03/2016

IMG_3155The CXi festival of stories was designed to get a sense of where we are with Customer Experience (CX) in Ireland, investigate the opportunities and challenges we face and consider how we can tackle these. We used ‘Stories’ because CX strategies are best understood, appreciated and easier to recall when presented in story format. We referenced stories from the many thousands collected from Irish consumers in the CXi 2015 CX Survey.

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The event engaged all present and their real life experiences at sessions following the customer journey accross ‘Acquisition’, ‘Welcome’, ‘Understand me better’ and ‘Loss of Customer”. Attendees played a key role in this mutual learning environment. We delved deeper into the CX Framework and considered the return on investment in CX and how to convince the C suite and Board of Directors to invest.