Ireland’s first Customer Experience (CX) Masterclass will help SMEs differentiate their business

Posted by thecxadmin on 16/08/2016

It’s become harder  to differentiate your business from others. Customers are tired of hearing businesses mouth off about how wonderful they are. Consumers have reached a tolerance level where they now demand that businesses stop over promising and start over delivering.

CXi founding partner Dialogue is running a CX masterclass that will show you how to grow large sales teams made up of their own delighted customers. If your customer has an experience with your business that surprises and delights, they immediately become loyal ambassadors who will happily sell on your behalf.

Dialogue set up the CX Academy to deliver insights and practical tips to help owners and managers sharpen their CX excellence. They have gathered re-markable stories from local and international CX champions that clarify what CX excellence and complete disasters look like.

They packed this into a concentrated 3 ½ hour evening session. They discuss how to differentiate your business without additional cost by locking in your best customers. Find out how your business compares with Irish and global CX champions. They discuss how to implement organisational change so staff members welcome your new CX culture. And most importantly, they share examples of how to persuade your current customers to amplify their message amongst friends, family and colleagues

The Masterclass is taking place in the Edmund Burke Theatre in Trinity College, on September 7th. The full course details are at

If you know an Irish business owner who would benefit from this, I would appreciate it if you would pass this on to them. It’s interactive, full of re-markable stories and tips to activate in their business the next day.

Credit to Vitalis for the Image